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 More Life Coming Up, After the Break(down) 

Selected poems by Shannon Kernaghan take listeners on a journey that brims with all things lived, loved and lost. Her poetry pulls no punches and is alive with rhythm and movement. 

Fifty poems feature the challenges people face as they alter expectations throughout their lives. A swift-moving current of gritty reality propels her characters, whether willing participants or caught in an undertow. 

More Life Coming Up, After the Break(down) reflects the rollercoaster of everyday life – from insignificant moments to daunting obstacles.

Sell Your Home Privately

 You’re thinking of selling your home privately, but you don’t know how to begin. And you’re scared – to open your door to strangers, make costly mistakes and risk legal issues. If you have the time, energy and motivation, real estate expert Shannon Kernaghan can help you undertake this challenge and save you thousands in commission.

Gathered from years of practical experience, her down-to-earth selling strategies will lead you bravely and painlessly through the process. For the increasing number of homeowners who want to take the plunge and sell privately, this innovative book is an essential tool!

From Bedsheets to Spreadsheets: How to share a career and stay in love

It’s enough of a challenge to make a personal relationship work. Now, take a step further and join career forces with your partner. Suddenly the dynamics are more complex than with couples who kiss each other good-bye and set off in opposite directions each morning!

Are you already battling? There are definite patterns to building a successful co-working or “dual” relationship. As you struggle with a volatile balancing act and avoid a myriad of pitfalls, you must discover how to reinforce each other, maintain equilibrium, and find satisfaction at both home and work. From Bedsheets to Spreadsheets will empower those couples brave enough to tackle a multi-faceted partnership – juggling a healthy home life with a fulfilling career. Together.

The experience and wisdom offered from co-working couples interviewed for this book will strengthen many shortcomings – for those of you about to embark or already working as a dual team. From Bedsheets to Spreadsheets is for couples everywhere and every age!

Just Lucky, I Guess

Why is it tough to look away from people on the edge of imploding? We need to witness their reaction. From playful discoveries to dark delights, Just Lucky, I Guess offers an intriguing portrait of people as they navigate through a sea of ingrates and oddballs.

Nine short stories take you to some uncomfortable places. Seen through the eyes of resilient women, each story deals with her distinctive brand of complicated life. 

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