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Hands Off The Pooch!

My husband has begun an annoying habit while we relax in bed: he plays with my stomach as if it’s bread dough. “Stop it!” I

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My GPS has PMS

I need more direction in life. I’m not talking about spiritual, relationship or career guidance but actual direction, as in navigating from point A to B. My problem is

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Copy That, Crispy Chicken Lady

Once upon a dance floor I partied late into the night, and I garnered the occasional nickname. Sometimes I was called Peaches, and for a brief period I was

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Catch the Wave!

I like ladybugs as much as the next person. Finding one inside your home is said to be a sign of good luck. But I

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Listening is an under-rated art form. There’s a wise saying that people should listen twice as much as they talk, considering they have two ears

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When Wooden Vultures Rule

Summer is a time to enjoy Farmer’s Markets, water sports and local festivals. It’s also a chance to celebrate an activity synonymous with fun – setting up your lawn ornaments. While

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Stop Cluttering My Mind

There’s a lot of chatter about clutter. The subject is explored on talk shows and dissected in “how-to avoid it” articles. When I spent the day helping a friend

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Bear Facts on Bikinis

Some believe that life imitates art. For me, life imitates news. I read a piece on the myriad of distractions that drivers face on today’s roads.

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Beware the Grammar Slammer

Here’s a frightening thought – grammar is a window into your soul. It’s not what you say as much as how you say it. And it’s not only what

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My Beer is Child-Lite

I don’t want children. My decision is not for physical or political reasons, or because I had a rotten childhood. It’s simply a personal decision.

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Caved In

“He’s not waking, should we get him to Emerg?” a nurse asked. “No, he hasn’t seized,” said another. “Give him a minute.” Emerg? Seized? I

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Real Dogs

I like to attend an occasional Kennel Club show, not because I prefer purebreds but because I marvel at how people fuss over their canines.

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Hear Me Flush

There are days when I crave a simple life, one that features a scenic stroll or laughing with my favorite people over wine and food.

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