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Shannon Kernaghan’s pull towards writing for children is inspired by two factors: a desire to create stories worth sharing and the discovery of a great illustrator who showcases her picture books.

In her first of five BERL HIVES books, Berl the bee arrives from another place and must live with Aunt Bea and Uncle Hank in Nectarville. He begins as an “out of towner” until Berl is accepted in his new bee colony. He learns plenty about his new friends and himself in the process.In BORDER CROSSING, Berl worries that his parents won’t be able to cross the border. All he wants is for his family to live together in Nectarville – will Berl get his wish?

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Berl has a lot to learn in his new home & hive! Here’s a sneak cartoon peek of THE OUT OF TOWNER, one of his five BUZZ-TASTIC picturebooks for children


Berl Hives: The Out of Towner

A new home. A new life. And a wingful of new adventures. When Berl Hives comes to live with Aunt Bea and Uncle Hank, he has a lot to learn: about his new friends and about himself. Life is different now and he wants to fit in. He wants to be accepted in his new neighborhood.

A wonderful read for children who will benefit from a sense of belonging in their new home or new community. Ideal for children age 4 to 7.


Berl Hives: The Good, The Bad, The Honey

There’s no end to the adventure in Nectarville! Berl Hives is a busy bee with attitude. Some days he is good – Berl is generous and helpful. Some days he is bad – Berl is cranky and makes wrong decisions. No matter what he does, Aunt Bea and Uncle Hank always love him. It’s all about the honey!

Acceptance and belonging – an ideal read for children age 4 to 7 who live in an alternative family or a new home.


Berl Hives: Don’t Bug Me!

Berl Hives is on another BUZZ! When Berl is caught in a sudden storm, his favorite red cap goes missing. But why won’t anyone help him find it? Why is everyone so busy? All this thrill-seeking bee needs is ONE good friend.

In DON’T BUG ME! Berl must use his imagination and be a problem solver! A fun and fast-paced story for children age 4 to 7.


Berl Hives: The Wonder Bug

Can you ever wonder TOO much?

That’s the question from Berl Hives when the WONDER BUG gets them both into plenty of trouble!  Berl Hives isn’t in the mood for “bee stuff” today. Instead, he decides to find adventure with his friend in Nectarville. But Berl never expected an adventure in space with the Ametavoids!

The 4th in the Berl Hives collection, THE WONDER BUG is a fast-paced picture book for ages 4-7.


Berl Hives: Border Crossing

Berl Hives misses his mom and dad! Why are they taking so long to reach Nectarville? What if something goes wrong when they try to cross the border? For one little bee, Berl worries a lot!

Join Berl Hives and his colony of friends as they eagerly await the arrival of Berl’s parents.

Number 5 in the Berl Hives collection, BORDER CROSSING is a BUZZ-tastic picture book for children age 4-7 on EVERY side of the border!

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