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Self Portraits video

 Lineup subject to change
when the bullet hits my bone.
After download is complete,
bundle my flesh on a funeral pyre
surrounded by every piece of obsolete hardware
that carries my fingerprints, my DNA,
and witness my glorious combustion.

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Big Wrench, Bad Dream

Angst dreams. Suddenly you’re in a classroom, about to take an exam you haven’t studied for and worse, you look down to realize you’re naked. Jaybird naked.“ How did I

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Unfollow, Unfollow, Unfollow

Unfollow, unfollow, unfollow: I broke up with Facebook and never felt better!   I resisted joining Facebook after hearing complaints from people who grew miffed when

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Growing Up Meta

I’d just turned twelve and refused to stay home alone. Either I went out with friends, or someone had to stay home with me. I

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Shooters + Xmas = Regrets

They say that a ‘smart’ Christmas party shouldn’t include liquor or dancing – they being the people you’d never party with, and any of those statisticians with the name Ebenezer.   

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Is Your Tail Danger-Proofed?

There was a time in life when the greatest hazards to my safety were the decisions I made.  Those decisions frequently involved climbing and tumbling from

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In Your Face

I watch videos from blogger Norma Geli who leads viewers through Las Vegas restaurants and bars. She’s fun to watch and her enthusiasm makes you

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Paint Me Naked

Not every day does an artist ask to paint me naked. Even fewer of those lining up are well-known New York artists. After exhibiting a

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Horse Manure on a Resume?

When I reached my fifties, my career took a deep dive. With my background in communications, I’d had steady work for years. Today? I can’t

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I Got Crosby’d in LA!

 For a week, I teetered between life and death.  I wasn’t ill or injured but living my best life in Los Angeles where I’d been

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For all your VoiceOver needs
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