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Self Portraits video

 Lineup subject to change
when the bullet hits my bone.
After download is complete,
bundle my flesh on a funeral pyre
surrounded by every piece of obsolete hardware
that carries my fingerprints, my DNA,
and witness my glorious combustion.

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Undies Give Up the Ghost? Spooky!

UFO sightings. Near-death experiences. Underwear mishaps. Many people have them and are too shaken up to speak openly. Especially about their underwear horror stories. One of my nieces bravely

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Post Covid Scissors Sale!

(from online ad) FOR SALE: JW SHEARS, 27 TEETH Funny backstory on these scissors: about five months ago my wife was frustrated with her hair.

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Gotta Have Sole

I associate myself with Vogue magazine like I associate myself with Albert Einstein. If Vogue and Einstein were in one room discussing Prada and Pi,

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Wrecked & Reimagined

I was recently inspired by on Ohio artist I discovered online. Dave collects thrift shop paintings and alters each one with a Star Wars scene.

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Bah Humbug

Coronavirus isn’t the only Grinch to steal Christmas. My brother Timothy, three years older, decided to play Scrooge and deliver the deets on Santa Claus. Tim chose

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Welcome to My Hairy Bubble

The topic of hair leads the list of everyday challenges for humankind. Is there any other body part so regularly fussed over and featured? Note:

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My Relation to Jaws

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” That’s one of my favorite lines from the blockbuster movie Jaws. I’ve borrowed these words several times throughout my

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WAY Below Deck

Captain Sandy Yawn is anything but a yawn – she’s a warrior! She’s also the captain of huge yachts that sail the seas of Croatia

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Risky Behavior

The expression of the day is “risky behavior” compliments of Covid-19 warnings on how to avoid transmission: don’t congregate, don’t shake hands and don’t expect

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Did You Say Tampons?

“Want me to buy more tampons?” I called out, standing at the door and ready to walk to Rexall for coffee cream. In this age

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