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From a fusion of club jammin and electronica to country and rock – all find a home in my mixed music wheelhouse.

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From fresh to trippy tunes, Bigger Than Jimmy pushes the scope of what a fusion of techno and electronica should be – optimized for the dance floor with a hard-hitting effervescence. These head-nodding beats are created to wash over you and warp the sound into uncharted territory.

“My Husband Has Begun” is from
  Bigger Than Jimmy,
a music project/collaboration with songwriter and
mix-master Kraven Cache.

Slip this on for size . . . “Prada and Pie,” my new music collab with mix-master Kraven Cache, from the album Bigger Than Jimmy.

He’s an “Attractive Man” . . . but he has some weird obsessions. Time for a visit to Dr. Delorme!
From the album Bigger Than Jimmy with
mix-master Kraven Cache.

Groovy! Far out! “I’m Not a Child of the 60s” but I still love to take a trip! The proof is in my song created with mix-master Kraven Cache, from the album Bigger than Jimmy.

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