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Suspend linear thinking and perceive Shannon Kernaghan’s mixed media as a sum of elements, pieces of a puzzle that when re-shuffled, evoke personal memories and surprising sensations. Her narrative is based on the tricky dynamics of desire and craving, especially when exploring the light and darkness of people.

“Im/Balance,” 2019

Acrylic & paper on board.
40 x 60 x .635 cm (16 x 24 x .25 in.)
When Swamp Thing meets The Incredible Hulks meets Godzilla, our worlds could collide. The challenge is keeping global balance – avoid the fall! Kernaghan adds graffiti elements to this Battle Royale.

“Unfiltered,” 2019

Acrylic, paper & twine on board.
40 x 60 x .635 cm. (16 x 24 x .25 in.)
Kernaghan’s graffiti-inspired energetic abstract is loaded with color. The artist invites viewers to fill in the gaps by creating a bridge between perception. Try not to get caught in the everyday swirl of dis/belief.

“Diamond Jack,” 2019

 Acrylic & paper on board.
40 x 60 x .635 cm. (16 x 24 x .25 in.)
Ransom-note words and graffiti components are a vehicle for Kernaghan’s artistic expression. Welcome to the British Invasion, then and now, where viewers can complete the story.

“Tutorial: Draw Nude,” 2019

Acrylic & paper on board.
40 x 60 x .635 cm. (16 x 24 x .25 in.)
Under the guise of an innocent tutorial simmers the desire for sex in its multitude of angles. The artist’s path is influenced strongly by people and relationships.

“Decree Absolute,” 2019

Acrylic & paper on board.
40 x 60 x .635 cm. (16 x 24 x .25 in.) 
Kernaghan is intrigued with how optimism and imagination affect our life’s trajectory. Her narrative is based on the changing dynamics of love and loss – the things we do to capture each other’s affection . . . and then end our conjoined path. Her work is a tale of romance  and heartbreak.

“Dead Reckoning,” 2019

 Acrylic & paper on board.
40 x 60 x .635 cm. (16 x 24 x .25 in.)
The pull to explore inspires Kernaghan’s artwork. Early mariners used a navigation technique to find the direction and distance traveled by ship. Today, a combo of technology, nature and the human heart continue to break new trails.

“Writer Brain,” 2019

Acrylic, wax paint, paper, metals on board.
30 x 20 x .635 cm (12 x 8 x .25 in.)
From A through Z, Shannon Kernaghan’s Writer Brain attempts to decipher the questions that follow us through the ages.  When people possess books  – a symbol for limitless knowledge – the brain increases its chance of unlocking answers.

“Sound Cache,” 2019

Acrylic, photo, paper, metal on board.
30 x 20 x .635 cm (12 x 8 x .25 in.)
From early roots of ‘home opera’ to current home recording studios, Sound Cache represents an innovative sound leap into the contemporary, from vintage black & white images to the blue skies of technology.

“Young Explorers,” 2019

Acrylic, wax paint, paper on board.
30 x 20 x .635 cm (12 x 8 x .25 in.)
Wheels to wings – the lure of adventure has attracted thrill-seekers through the ages. The spinning motion of greens and yellows create limitless skies in Shannon Kernaghan’s mixed media from her Big Cache series.

“Banning Boy,” 2019

 Acrylic,  photo, metals on board.
30 x 20 x .635 cm (12 x 8 x .25 in.)
That stop-time sandwiched between the action and the shutter click: impromptu photos with cats reveal tender images set to a concrete wall. Kernaghan softens the environment by building a field of greens and golds that evoke nature and nurture.

“Chantilly Girl,” 2019

Acrylic, wax paint, photo, metals on  board.
30 x 20 x .635 cm (12 x 8 x .25 in.)
Where viewer becomes voyeur – peek inside the model’s tableaux while taking a step back in time. With the use of metals, gems and micro beading, subtle greenery creates the perfect cover.

“Atomic,” 2019

Acrylic,  paper, metal on board.
30 x 20 x .635 cm (12 x 8 x .25 in.)
Anxiety and peril. Science and space. Shannon Kernaghan uses headlines that incite fear and alter lives. Banners torn from newspapers announce protests and violence that contrast the space race. Swirling smears of red, blue and rust represent the underlying maelstrom that aptly defined politics
in the 1960s.

“Singe,” 2019

Acrylic, wax paint, paper, metal on board.
30 x 20 x .635 cm (12 x 8 x .25 in.)
Shannon Kernaghan incorporates the haunting image of a woman’s face in a burned picture found blowing down a lane. Contrasted by the tableaux of well-dressed women, one setting is relaxed and pampered while the other is agitated and gritty. Both backdrops are frozen in time, a pause that signifies a temporary state of being.

“Voyage En Mer,” 2019

Acrylic &  paper on board.
60 x 40 x .635 cm (24 x 16 x .25 in.)
Growing up in the Canadian prairies, Shannon Kernaghan had wide open spaces with room to dream although lacked access to waterways, a frequent theme in her art. In Voyage En Mer, the artist merges ocean voyages with map-as-sail. Kernaghan’s ship navigates to distant shores through a turbulent sea of rich blues and greens. Hope is embodied by a brilliant
sun overhead.

“Distant Shores,” 2019

Acrylic, paper, coins on board.
30 x 30 x .635 cm (12 x 12 x .25 in.)
The boundary between adventure and risk is blurred when wanderlust takes hold! Kernaghan reveals a wayfaring spirit in her work, buoyed by shimmering gold-green waters and a far-reaching blue sky. Coins signal both distant geography and envisioned treasure –
all within reach.

“Self Portrait,” 2020

Acrylic on paper.
30.48 x  22.86 cm (12 x 9 in.)
 With a fierce sense of uniqueness and an aversion to creative boundaries, there is no such thing as too much color in Kernaghan’s world. Her abstract evokes self-awareness and validation.

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